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We had a wonder event in 2019. Take a look! 2021 event details we be announced soon.



with Linda Grindel

Your assigned Mediumship Circle time with Linda Grindel will provide you with a 2 hour intensive among a small group to help you hear from your dearly departed loved ones. Linda's circles are moving and powerful. She will do her best to give as many messages as she can. 



Lead by Melinda Leslie, with Tana Newberry and Miesha Johnston

Back by popular demand! Seeing is believing. Enjoy your own personal UFO sightings by peering through military grade  night-vision goggles that magnify the light in the sky by 50,000 times. This event is and optional add on.

Silent Sunrise Meditations
Go inside during the quiet morning hour and prepare for the healing day ahead. Meditation is a keystone in spiritual growth and can be enjoyed, assisting the Body, Mind and Soul in the enlightening processes of ascension. Silence is one of our greatest teachers.
Past Life Regression
Allow yourself to travel back in time during this relaxing and meditative process where you will experience past lives. Discovering the details of a past life can assist you in healing and more fully understanding your mission in your current life. Feel free to lie down during the session.
Vortex Meditations
Sedona Mago Retreat is home to amazing vortexes, energy points that spout up from the earth creating an intense level of spiritual energy and magnetism. Enjoy meditating where this energy can be harnessed for your most sacred intentions.
Psychic Development
Have you severed wondered if you could preform a Psychic reading? Give and get psychic readings with other retreat participants. Tana provides all the instruction you need to share valuable, intuitive impressions meant for you and others during these transformative processes. Beginner friendly. 
Release and Manifest Fire Ceremony
Letting go and releasing is one of the most effective ways to manifest what you’d like to bring into your life. Join us for a group fire ceremony where we offer up in flames all you’ve like to release for good. Then, the energetic space is yours to claim for your dreams of the future.
Star Mediation
Follow the CE-5 protocol and connect with the stars during this meditative opportunity, allowing you to experience the cosmos. As the sky twinkles back, take a journey into other worlds and meet your Star Families and friends. 
Labyrinth Walks
Walk the beautiful rock mazes known as Labyrinths during a spiritual meditation meant to help you reach insight into your personal approach to life. Shine light on your unique way of viewing the world and reflect on the way you approach challenges, healing Mind Body and Soul.
Experiencer Sharing Groups
Have you ever experienced seeing a spiritual energy or being of the paranormal? Have you ever experienced receiving psychic messages or a premonition? Share and learn with this group intended to be personally rewarding and informative.
Your Own Mediumship
How can you tell if your loved ones are speaking to you from the other side? Did you know that you can develop the psychic ability to speak with the other side? Mediumship is an age-old process allowing you to communicate with your loved ones passed. Beginner friendly, this activity is beautiful and rewarding!

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