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About Tana

Tana Newberry
Retreat Emcee, Metaphysical Media Producer, Vloger,
Psychic Development Teacher and Reader

Tana Newberry has been a professional Psychic Reader for over thirteen years conducting over 10,000 sessions and is also a seasoned Psychic Development Teacher. She has been heard on over 500 radio shows since 2005. Tana's following of clients and students love her for her vibrant, warm, and passionate energy. She teaches a multitude of Psychic Development classes helping Experiencers and Spiritual Seekers to identify and cultivate their Psy abilities. Her trainings exploring telepathic communication, automatic writing, receiving clairvoyant images and receiving conscious state ‘downloads’ of information, among other methods.


She also has a gift for merging media and the metaphysical, producing spiritual videos, cinematic blogs and other productions.Her projects can be viewed at her website or on her Youtube Channel.

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